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‘Rumours from the Rostrum’ - final part

25 August 2011 08:35 in General

Very latest feedback direct from Commercial Vehicle auction halls at Manheim.

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Review schemes after HMRC's VAT ruling

24 August 2011 11:07 in General

David Brockwell, finance director, Tusker, on salary sacrifice.

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Why online assessments often don't work

24 August 2011 10:52 in General

James Sutherland, CEO, Peak Performance, on driver training.

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Bringing amber gambling into the spotlight

19 August 2011 14:49 in General

Following the reports this week that 85 per cent of drivers admit to ‘amber gambling’ I feel it is about time that this illegal offence is brought to the public’s attention.

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Electric vehicle case must be financially viable

02 August 2011 09:45 in General

Jonathan Shine, vice-president, business development, Evida Power on the growth in electric power

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Jerry Clist’s electric vehicle diary – Part 2

25 July 2011 14:52 in General

You know I thought I missed something in my last blog. You remember me talking about my colleague’s long faces because I actually made it back to Bristol...

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Now is the time to think about winter tyres

22 July 2011 09:32 in General

Ken Trinder, head of business development, Epyx, says that despite it being summer, fleets need to plan ahead.

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Jerry Clist’s electric vehicle diary - Part 1

18 July 2011 14:25 in General

ALD Automotive maintenance controller Jerry Clist’s electric vehicle diary.

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Forget fuel - it's time to tackle other costs

15 July 2011 14:49 in General

Steve Blackburn, European vice-president, Navman Wireless, says business inefficiency and driver behaviour are the hidden costs within your control.

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Smart repair: Get smart and keep your cars on the road

15 July 2011 14:35 in General

Mark Llewellyn, managing director, Revive! says fleet managers neeed to recognise the importance of repairing minor damage.

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Rumours from the Rostrum

15 July 2011 07:46 in General

As we pass the half-way point of the year it is good to look back and reflect on what has happened over the first six months.

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Message to Management: Listen to Your Fleet Manager

06 July 2011 09:01 in General

Why do many in senior management or elected officials not listen to their fleet managers? I know many may dispute this assertion, but the reality is that many public sector fleet managers do not have the ear of their management and elected officials.

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