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Funding: Accounting rules will hit transport sector

13 December 2011 12:14 in General

Rob Riddleston, head of transport and logistics, Barclays Corporate, on the impact of proposed changes to accounting rules.

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Insurance telematics: early adopters need to know the facts

07 December 2011 08:45 in General

Linden Holliday, CEO of MyDrive Solutions, explains that early adopters of this new technology need to be fully aware of the range and limitations of those products that are first to market.

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Businesses encouraged to look beyond the pump to address factors they can control

05 December 2011 15:40 in General

According to Navman Wireless, Businesses should look to identify and rectify inefficiencies that exist regardless of fluctuations in fuel prices.

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Companies should view valeting as investment not cost

05 December 2011 15:29 in General

A good valeting service should be viewed as an investment, but generally it is only viewed as a cost. Grahame Rummery, CEO of Autoclenz, wishes he could change that perception.

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Unlicensed drivers a menace to road users

22 November 2011 15:40 in General

Research undertaken by the Department of Transport into unlicensed driving has found that the time spent by unlicensed drivers on the road is a significant menace to road users.

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Jittery economy set to squeeze revenues

22 November 2011 11:39 in

Ali Al-Saffar, chief automotive analyst, Economist Intelligence Unit, on vehicle sales.

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Technology: Car becomes connected to drivers' lives

22 November 2011 11:32 in General

Richard Kinder,vice-president technology and new business, Red Bend, on technology.

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Uncertain times call for contingency plans

09 November 2011 15:06 in

Roger Hancock, managing director, Thrifty Car and Van Rental, on rentals.

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Electric vehicles: a king without his clothes?

09 November 2011 10:14 in General

Tony Hulatt, managing director, CLM Fleet Management, on electric vehicles.

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Low-CO2 cars can be a 'win-win' situation

08 November 2011 10:09 in General

Simon Down, senior manager, global employer services, Deloitte LLP, on company car taxation.

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‘Rumours from the Rostrum’ - October 2011

24 October 2011 14:22 in General

Very latest feedback direct from Commercial Vehicle auction halls at Manheim.

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How to make money out of electric vehicles

17 October 2011 14:01 in General

Contrary to popular understanding, people have been making money out of electric vehicles for over 110 years.

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