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Future Car Challenge

05 November 2010 10:57 in General

Simon Harris prepares for the Future Car Challenge taking place this weekend.

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Infiniti faces low-CO2 challenge

02 November 2010 13:02 in General

How does the new Infiniti M stand up against its rivals in the in the highly competitive premium segment.

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Will cold weather tyres keep us moving this winter?

21 October 2010 16:36 in

Cold weather tyres have a much higher profile among fleets after last winter, but we're finding out for ourselves if they are worth it.

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You can save fuel…….if you don’t stop!

12 October 2010 17:02 in General

I had my own eco driving lesson recently and I achieved an excellent improvement of 14% on my second run. But I couldn’t help thinking, is this all a game of luck?

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Interactive Driving Systems supports European Road Safety Day to ‘celebrate’ end of British summer time and change of clock

11 October 2010 10:43 in General

As darker evenings return this month in the UK with the ‘changing of the clock’, and to support European Road Safety Day being held on 13 October.

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Pay by delivery time’ model, will it work for your business?

07 October 2010 16:52 in General

Understandably, a fleet that is operating during peak hours and looking to deliver on behalf of a client during rush hour will face increased fuel costs and more time on the road.

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Paris Motor Show: three new saloons, one stands out

03 October 2010 19:59 in

Upper-medium cars from Peugeot, Volkswagen and Kia made their debuts at the Paris Motor Show.

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Kia gets ready to tackle mainstream fleet

16 September 2010 15:33 in

The replacement for the Kia Magentis provides the Korean company with a full model line-up to go after every mainstream sector in the fleet market.

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Looking forward to some holiday kip?

10 August 2010 09:40 in Risk Management

Are you looking forward to some well-earned rest on your summer break? It may be more than your life is worth to get some before you go, says RoadSafe.

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Slipping through the net

05 August 2010 10:05 in General

For reasons I don’t need to go into here I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time with a particular group of occupational drivers.

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Beware of mpg figures on range-extended electric vehicles

02 August 2010 12:37 in General

Most of us know the official fuel consumption figures for vehicles are pretty meaningless in the real world.

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Tips for safer holiday driving from Interactive Driving Systems

28 July 2010 11:03 in General

With the northern hemisphere summer holiday season rapidly approaching, and driving being a major part of many trips, now is a good time to focus people’s attention on safe and happy holiday travel.

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