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IASB and FASB rethink accounting plans

06 May 2011 10:43 in General

Resulting system will, in many areas, be more in line with existing accounting.

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Can Tesco overcome car buyers' fears?

06 May 2011 10:38 in General

Supermarkets have a long way to go to reassure secondhand car customers.

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Capital allowance cuts a drop in the ocean

06 May 2011 10:29 in General

The increasing price of fuel puts the impact of tax changes in the shade.

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Remembering what the future used to be like

13 April 2011 23:15 in

Fleet News deputy editor Simon Harris had a chance to drive one of the first Honda hybrids sold in the UK, 11 years on.

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Avoiding fraudulent vehicle collision ‘slam-ons’

05 April 2011 15:39 in General

Dr Will Murray explores the issue and risks from fraudulent motor claims that appear to be as relevant as ever.

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Mobility is under scrutiny like never before

01 April 2011 14:46 in General

Key questions that fleets must consider to ensure they run an efficient operation, says Prof Colin Tourick, fleet management consultant.

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Still no end to diesel taxation distortion

01 April 2011 14:42 in General

Improvement in diesel technologies has rendered the 3% surcharge unnecessary, says Martin Brown, managing director, Fleet Alliance.

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Poor understanding hampers salary sacrifice

21 March 2011 11:25 in General

Employee take-up remains low, while employers are confused by the risks.

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UK slow to react to hydrogen possibilities

21 March 2011 11:18 in General

Significant roll-out of hydrogen from 2015, but investment needed in infrastructure.

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Electric Vehicle Leasing in 2012

25 February 2011 10:59 in General

If you’re old enough to remember, then we were all led to believe that we were supposed to be driving around in Sinclair C5’s by now.

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Why Fleet News has joined the Fair Fuel UK Campaign

08 February 2011 07:57 in General

When the cost of fuel rises, there is a knock-on effect for consumers beyond what it costs them to refuel their vehicles.

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Part III: A Fleeting History: The Dawn of Connectivity

20 January 2011 13:12 in General

In three instalments, managing director of Chevin Fleet Solutions, Ashley Sowerby, tells Fleet News how technology has revolutionised the industry.

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