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Will the world cup bring more hazards to the road?

22 April 2010 10:01 in General

With the 2010 World Cup fast approaching the following provides some good practice guidance on how to enjoy it and stay safe on the road.

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Are you a speeder?

15 April 2010 10:01 in General

Find out if you need to start watching your speeding by answering some quick questions.

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The costs of mobile phones and fleet driving

08 April 2010 14:05 in General

An Australian friend, Richard Schuster forwarded me the following story from the Automotive Fleet publication, February 16, 2010 – having been ‘blown away’ by the $7.5M in settlements by the fleet’s insurer

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The true cost of a health and safety prosecution.

28 February 2010 15:35 in Legal

The true cost of a health and safety prosecution.

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Grey Fleet, out of sight out of mind?

28 February 2010 15:15 in Grey Fleet

So what do you want to know about your so called ‘grey fleet’? Perhaps there is another question you may want to ask first, “How much do I need to know?”

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