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Beware of mpg figures on range-extended electric vehicles

02 August 2010 12:37 in General

Most of us know the official fuel consumption figures for vehicles are pretty meaningless in the real world.

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Tips for safer holiday driving from Interactive Driving Systems

28 July 2010 11:03 in General

With the northern hemisphere summer holiday season rapidly approaching, and driving being a major part of many trips, now is a good time to focus people’s attention on safe and happy holiday travel.

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Cut CO2 by eliminating 'press pack mountain'

22 July 2010 10:46 in General

Our part of the car industry has been focused on low-CO2 and carbon footprints for somewhat longer than the retail market.

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What constitutes a clean car?

19 July 2010 11:51 in General

Did you, like me, assume that a low CO2 car was a clean car?

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Organisations urged to embrace Road Safety Week 2010

12 July 2010 13:37 in

All organisations requiring staff to travel as part of their work are being urged to get involved in Road Safety Week to help raise awareness of the need for slower speeds in communities to help reduce on roads.

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Fleet200 launch is a success

09 July 2010 10:52 in

We held the launch of the Fleet200 yesterday in London, attended by 25 fleets, each with more than 1,000 vehicles.

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From GCCIA to Goodwood: going greener while going racing

06 July 2010 15:03 in General

Some of us are car enthusiasts and some of us aren’t. For some of us, a day out at the Goodwood Festival of Speed would be a highlight of the motoring year.

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Greener Company Car in Action - Day Two

30 June 2010 11:38 in General

As the doors opened at Greener Company Car In Action at 9am this morning, whose stands did the fleet decision makers rush toward first?

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Greener Company Car in Action - Day One

29 June 2010 13:50 in General

The sun is shining and – if you go to Honda’s jungle themed stand – the birds are most certainly chirruping at this year’s Greener Company Car In Action.

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Learners learn how to pass tests not how to drive

22 June 2010 11:34 in General

The fact is, that the majority of licensed road users today are only taught how to pass the driving test and not how to drive.

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Who causes collisions managers or drivers?

17 June 2010 09:34 in General

At lots of fleet safety workshops we have hosted recently participants have debated whether drivers or managers are the main human cause of vehicle damage and road collisions.

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Driving Evolution

09 June 2010 16:57 in General

Think about it. Humans as we know them today, homo sapiens, has been around for about 200,000 years, depending upon which timeline you believe.

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