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Scotland: Fleet planning after the referendum

29 September 2014 13:59 in

Patrick McGillycuddy, head of fleet, Škoda UK, looks at the impact of the 'no' vote on fleet.

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Fleet market: Looking back at 20 years in Fleet

25 September 2014 11:54 in

On its 20th anniversary, FleetEurope’s CEO, John Yarroll, looks at what has changed and what hasn’t in the fleet industry.

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Taxation: avoiding penalties for business mileage

22 September 2014 09:08 in

Katie O’Regan, consultant at Fleet Innovations, looks at ensuring mileage records satisfy the taxman.

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Risk: Senior management could face prosecution following double fatal

17 September 2014 14:02 in

The owner of Work Realted Road Safety (WRRS) Solutions and former TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) investigator, Edward Handley, says the killing of two cyclists should act as a warning to senior management.

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Risk: Fleet managers have a duty of care

17 September 2014 13:40 in

Legal expert Alan Scott-Davies says it's important fleet managers ensure their drivers are fit, healthy and safe to drive following the jailing of a professional driver.

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Risk: Young drivers and their attitude to risk-taking

04 September 2014 08:21 in

Ken Bowling, managing director, Driving Risk Management, looks at the attitude of young drivers to the road.

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Legislation: Good riddance to the tax disc

27 August 2014 11:13 in

Patrick McGillycuddy, head of fleet at Škoda UK, explains why he won't miss the tax disc.

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Tyre maintenance: Get tyre pressures back on the agenda

26 August 2014 13:51 in

John Catling, chief executive at Wheelwright, looks at the challenges of tyre pressure checking.

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Company cars: Car policies in a changing economy

21 August 2014 13:45 in

John Webb, principal consultant at Lex Autolease, looks at the place of the company car policy.

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Driver training: The role of the fleet driver trainer

18 August 2014 16:02 in

Legal expert Alan Scott-Davies investigates the training and qualification levels required of fleet driver trainers.

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Driverless cars: Who is driving this thing?

04 August 2014 10:52 in

Martin Wedge of OVL Group comments about the apparent drive towards driverless vehicles.

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Staff: Looking to the next generation

29 July 2014 15:01 in

Patrick McGillycuddy, Skoda head of fleet, talks about looking ahead to the next generation.

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