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Fleet Leasing

Market Intelligence

In this section you can find data and analysis, including white papers of interest to the leasing industry. It also contains the FN50 listing of the 50 biggest leasing companies, plus insight from the annual report, while each month we will publish the fleet sales figures with analysis on the latest trends.

This section is intended to provide you with insight into key industry trends, helping you to make better business decisions armed with the best information.

FN50 top 50 contract hire & leasing companies in the UK

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Pos Prev Company Fleet size Fleet prev year Parent company
1 1 Lex Autolease 333038 291111
2 2 LeasePlan UK 165839 147276
3 4 Arval UK 157161 110324
4 3 Alphabet (GB) 147823 140460
5 6 Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet 137960 101037

Fleet car sales 2013/2012

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    March Volume     YTD Volume  
  '14 '15 % Var '14 '15 % Var
 Total 196304 219153 11.64 309545 354690 14.58

Personal contract hire continues to boom

17 Mar 2017

How can the industry capitalise, and what must it watch out for?

Van residual values will 'tail back'

28 Jun 2013

Contract hire and leasing companies live or die by accurately predicting vehicle sale prices and while a ‘marginal tailing back’ of values from current levels is being predicted if the economy improves, a raft of uncontrollable influences means a precarious balancing act is being pursued.

Stock shortage to keep prices at record levels

28 Jun 2013

Vehicle contract hire and leasing companies continue to enjoy a residual value windfall worth hundreds of pounds per van as sale prices show little sign of dropping from record levels.