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Do I need an O-licence for towing?


In December 2011, Operator Licensing rules came into effect which means any trailer and vehicle combination exceeding 3.5 tonnes total weight requires an O-licence, provided it is used for hire and reward and not on the user’s own account (ie carrying your own goods or goods you will use). Builders using trailers to clear waste from sites, for example, should double -check with VOSA (now the DVSA) as to whether the vehicles require an O-licence, as this waste removal could be construed as a pure freight journey.


  • Do I need an O-licence?
  • Is the driver qualified?
  • Is the trailer and load suited to the vehicle according to manufacturer’s recommendations?
  • Is the load being properly distributed and safely secured, for transit as well as later unloading?
  • Is the vehicle and trailer under its maximum permissible weight?
  • Is the trailer weight legal overall and over each axle?
Source: Fleet News