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How can I overcome driver resistance to speed limiters?



Ian Leonard Simply point out the fuel savings, the reduced stress on themselves and at the end of the day drivers must understand and appreciate that commercial vehicles belong to the company and not them.

They contribute no tax or expenditure towards these vehicles and any company needs to do what it can to reduce both cost and risk.

Tim Bright An incentive scheme that would reward drivers with the lowest fuel consumption and the least number of accidents could be a solution.

Andrew Smith Reinforcing the bigger picture is paramount. Protecting a driver while they are using a vehicle on company business is vital to any company’s health and safety strategy, and a speed limiter goes some way to helping achieve this.

Paul Boulds A series of presentations were given to our drivers to overcome their potential resistance to the system; they soon became aware of the unnecessary costs relating to accidents and poor fuel consumption figures, as well as premature wear and tear on the vehicles.