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How do I educate my drivers to avoid parking fines?


1. Educate drivers about parking rules and restrictions

Kelly Fleet Services, for example, includes a four-hour parking session in its training course for new drivers. The session covers camera offences, bus lanes, red routes and parking contraventions as well as testing drivers’ knowledge of signs. Refresher training is also carried out when rules change. 

2. Analyse data from previous fines

“Look at the top five hotspots,” advises Natalie Chapman, head of policy – London, FTA. “Why do fines happen at those locations? Is the driver constantly stopping in the wrong place? Is the loading restriction at a certain time of day? If so, could the driver go earlier or later? Is there a problem with the location? Is there nowhere to stop? In which case, speak to the local authority, demonstrate that there are no alternatives and you might get a sympathetic ear.”

3. Build relationships

Although no councils have granted Celesio Group formal dispensation, having a good relationship with the local traffic warden can help. “They may allow the driver to make the delivery as long as they don’t loiter,” says fleet manager Geoff Wright.

Source: Fleet News