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Is it right to fit speed limiters to all fleet vans?


We asked fleet managers for their view:

Ian Leonard, group fleet services manager, Speedy Services: Speed limiting is the very least we should be doing. Young drivers are being employed on the premise that they are cheap labour and are being placed in situations where they are expected to be able to drive a fully-loaded 3.5t van with no experience whatsoever.

Tim Bright, group transport manager, Paragon Laundry: It would certainly improve the public perception of the white van man cliché as well as saving on fuel.

Andrew Smith, managing director, Cobra UK: In the majority of cases, yes. However, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We’d recommend fleets that regularly use A or B roads and motorways utilise speed limiters.

Vehicles based in a purely urban environment, where they rarely go above 40mph, probably don’t require speed limiters.

Paul Boulds, head of transport/fleet, Daniel Contractors: Yes and no. We decided, as part of our fleet renewal policy, to fit rev limiters rather than speed limiters to each of our 600 light commercial vehicles.

Source: Fleet News