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My fleet is operating efficiently - I'm not convinced we need telematics. Is it worth it?



Road Angel says: Fleet operators may be happy with how their vehicles are being used, but what they are being used for is equally important.

Good driving behaviour could mask inappropriate private use and, without automated mileage capture, could be costing the business thousands of pounds in false mileage claims.

CMS Supatrak says: Handheld GPS systems are fine as a basic technology, but they are often not as robust and reliable as in-vehicle telematics solutions.

A handheld GPS system relies on the vehicle operator remembering to switch it on and charge it up.

With an in-vehicle telematics solution, the technology tracks the vehicle’s movements at all times and the system can report on additional information, such as start and stop times.

TomTom Business Solutions says: It is easy for employees to perform to required standards when being scrutinised but then fall back into their customary behaviour and habits.

Training should be used in combination with technology that monitors and delivers improvements in performance on a continual basis.

Navman Wireless says: A regular misconception is that telematics should be used to penalise poor performance when, in fact, the businesses who see the strongest results are the ones who incentivise and reward good performance. In this instance, telematics could complement the existing initiatives well.

Source: Fleet News

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