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Should I specify sat-nav as an option on my car?


Fleet News spoke to Mark Norman from CAP for advice on what were the best options to choose. He said, as a general rule, that you should not expect to see any return on the investment.

A £300 portable sat-nav system that is capable of accepting online updates is now seen as perfectly adequate for most cars without a factory-fit system. Norman says: “It’s not the end of the world if a premium badge car doesn’t have a factory-fit sat-nav system these days.”

He added that if a car gains £150 on the used market through having a sat-nav system fitted, it has done very well.

And used car customers also won’t distinguish between an entry-level factory-fit system and a premium system, such as the difference between BMW’s Business Navigation and Professional Navigation, the latter having a £400-plus premium over the former when new.