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We trialled telematics and it didn’t add value to the fleet. Is it worth considering again?


Quartix says: On fixed sites, such as campuses and airports, the benefit that our customers see most of all is in optimising the utilisation of vehicles, i.e. are all vehicles in use every day, or do they spend a lot of time parked up? It may well be that you have too many vehicles and can reduce cost in that way.

Even though your vehicles do not travel far, they are still at risk of being stolen – tracking would help recover your vehicles fast in that event.

Masternaut says: On a busy university campus, safety is of paramount importance so some of the more advanced
capabilities that address safety would add value to the fleet, alongside the traditional benefits of vehicle security, location information and employee communication.

Things like time at location reporting and retrospective location reporting for proof of attendance would be the main benefits for this scenario.

Road Angel says: The data from telematics could aid in the review of the types of vehicles used on campus and could help the business case for alternative-fuelled vehicles, for example.

Tracker says: Telematics provides benefits that reach far beyond fuel savings and route planning.

For example, within campus grounds geo-fencing could be particularly useful. It can be used to preset an area where each vehicle should be used.

If a vehicle crosses the boundary an alert is sent to the fleet manager. This ensures vehicles keep to an agreed territory.

Source: Fleet News

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