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What are my options for tyre fitment?


There are a few options for tyre fitment.

Option 1: Mixing cold weather tyres and standard tyres

Fitting cold weather tyres between October and March and standard tyres the rest of the time is the best solution, according to tyre manufacturers.

Option 2: Standard fit all-year round

Most vehicles come with standard/summer tyres, according to tyre manufacturers, and the easiest policy is to run these until they need replacing and then fit like-for-like.

Option 3: Cold weather tyres all-year round

Some fleets that operate in Scotland and the Peak District have chosen to use cold weather tyres all year round.

Option 4: All-season tyres

All-season tyres (also known as all-weather tyres) might offer a good compromise. Peugeot plans to fit them to its new 2008 and Fiat puts them on the Panda 4x4.

They should perform better than standard tyres in the winter, and better than cold weather tyres in the summer

Option 5: The combined approach

Rather than taking a blanket decision, fleet operators could try a more tailored approach based on the type of vehicle, where they operate and what they are used for.

Find out more with our full report here.

Source: Fleet News

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