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What are the pros and cons of telematics for mileage capture?


On-board device that tracks a vehicle’s mileage. Typically requires drivers to verify at the start of the journey whether it is a private or business journey.

Can still see how many private miles have been done, but not where a driver has been.

Providers include: Trimble, Navman Wireless, Quartix, Tom Tom Business Solutions, Ctrack and ALD Automotive.


  • Accurate mileage, particularly if the telematics system plugs into the vehicle’s CAN-bus system Can save fuel by ensuring vans are not being used at weekends
  • Sophisticated telematics systems will bring other benefits such as allowing companies to identify which drivers are speeding, braking and accelerating harshly and may require training. It can also allow better route planning and may help recover stolen vehicles


  • Most expensive option although providers typically estimate a payback period of six months to a year
  • Possible resistance from drivers about being monitored
  • Typically used in vans rather than cars
  • Doesn’t record a journey’s purpose
  • Reports will still need to be analysed
Source: Fleet News