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What issues can you foresee by fitting speed limiters?


Ian Leonard There will be comments about drivability and vehicles being too slow to overtake safely: this is nonsense: you simply change your driving style and take a bit more care and consideration.

Tim Bright Initially, there will be driver resistance. The usual reason given is that employers give them too much work to do so they have to put their foot down to get the job done.

Andrew Smith If companies are to utilise speed limiters across their fleets, driver training and education is paramount.

Communication of the benefits to both company and driver needs to be very transparent and companies need to fully support their drivers during the transition period.

Paul Boulds One major factor to consider is where your vans are driven. If they operate totally on a motorway, then perhaps a speed limiter is right.

But, if they operate on a mixture of urban and rural roads with limited distance travelled on motorways, the rev limiter system may be more suitable.