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What should speed limiters on vans be set to?


Ian Leonard Simply make them mandatory at 70mph with adjustability down to 56mph.

Tim Bright Maximum to 70mph – despite recent announcements that motorway limits could rise to 80mph.

Although there is an argument to set at, say, 60mph as a lot of van drivers seem unaware that on single carriageways in a 3.5t GVW vehicle they are not allowed to exceed 50mph.

Andrew Smith Speed limiters need to match the needs of a company and limits need to be bespoke to their individual drivers and routes.

However, if you have a fleet which mainly drives on A or B roads we’d usually recommend limiting speeds to 56-60mph. If your fleet mainly operates on the motorway network, we’d recommend a limit of 70mph.

Paul Boulds Our Partner vans are rev limited to 3200rpm which limits the top end speed to about 73-75mph.