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November update from ALD

Across the globe, and the UK in particular, telematics has become a fundamental part of the fleet industry, providing businesses with unparalleled insight into their fleet operations and ensuring vehicles are run efficiently, effectively and safely.

For ALD Automotive, telematics is an integral part of our product offering. With over 14 years of development in the UK and already installed in over 50,000 company cars and light commercial vehicles, ProFleet2 is used extensively by businesses of all sizes and is, arguably, the most cost effective and practical telematics solution available on the leasing market today.

In the coming weeks, however, ALD is taking a significant step forward with the launch of its next generation ProFleet telemetry solution. Due for release in the UK at the beginning of January the plans will see its roll out into Spain shortly after, before being implemented elsewhere across the Group during 2017.

The new ProFleet platform has a fresh new user interface for both drivers and fleet managers, designed to cater for all devices; following a ‘mobile first’ concept, this will allow users to navigate and use the telemetry website ‘on the go’. And with the demand for an effective telematics solution for international key accounts, ALD has built a platform that enables integration of data from multiple sources and devices rather than from just a single provider. With an eye on the future market too ALD will also be taking in data from OEM devices, as more and more vehicles are equipped with telematics as standard by different vehicle manufacturers.

ALD will have the ability to take in data from other telematics devices in real time and deliver that information on one platform to offer a holistic telematics solution. And with ALD’s in house development and control of the platform’s content and functionality, this will ensure a more flexible approach in working with customers, with an ongoing development of new features and functions to meet ever changing market needs.

Hosted in the UK, the new ProFleet solution will stand out by offering a multinational, multi-device platform that can be customised for all markets and users, enabling a common, local language solution with the same look and feel. Individual countries, however, will have the facility to tailor their offering to their local markets and local customer needs, switching on some or all of the features at a driver and fleet level. New features will be added as demands evolve and these are then fed through into the UK’s dedicated Development Centre in Bristol.

Opened in March 2016 and located a short distance from ALD Automotive's new UK headquarters due to open in December 2016, the technology centre already houses over 60 developers, testers, business analysts, etc all working on different areas of innovation for the Group.

This is just the latest step in ALD’s continuing commitment to telemetry in the fleet management market; the possibilities for the new ProFleet solution are endless.