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Company cars will remain a sought after benefit by employees despite rising levels of taxation.

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In the first of a new series, Jon Lawes, managing director of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, tells Fleet Leasing about his key career moves.

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Risk management, car policy reviews and new initiatives are only possible by outsourcing fleet administration, says Martine Smith. Tom Seymour reports

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Staying with the same ‘one-stop shop’ sole supplier might not be the best way to handle services for light commercial fleets, and there is a range of options available, finds Chris Phillips

Safety: Removing the risk of hands-free phones

Although legal, hands-free phones carry the same driving risks as handheld counterparts, leading some fleets to ban their use entirely. Andrew Ryan reports

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Norscot Truck & Van Dundee has become the latest DVSA-appointed Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) in the DAF dealer network, bringing the total number to 55.