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The Fleet News fuel cost calculator is designed to help fleets estimate fuel costs for either the entire fleet or an individual vehicle for all new cars and vans.

Select the fuel type, mileage covered and the vehicle make, model and derivative to get an estimated cost of fuel.

The calculation is based on the official mpg figures from the vehicle specification and the average fuel prices in either the region specified or the UK average.

To find out the fuel costs from your own average mpg or for an older vehicle – use the quick cost calculator for a tailored cost.

By using the fuel cost calculator you can gain a more accurate view of how your fleet or individual vehicle will cost either tailored by cycle or isolated journey.

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Our new Journey Cost Calculator lets you work out accurate fuel cost predictions for electric and hybrid vehicles, taking into account your usage patterns. Try it now!



The Fleet News fuel cost calculator is here to help you in cutting your fuel costs for your fleets. By using the Fleet News car fuel cost calculator you can calculate how much you are spending on petrol or diesel for your fleets to show you the cost implications if you were to pay as little as 1 penny less per gallon.

With the Fleet News calculator, you can enter your entire fleet, various makes and models to get an accurate price on how much your fuel is costing the company. Once you have used the fuel cost calculator, why not compare petrol prices too, to see if you can find cheaper prices for your fuel.

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