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Car CO2 Calculator

Our car CO2 and fuel economy calculator uses independent data from EQUA Index to provide real-world driving figures compared to official manufacturer mpg rates.
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Car CO2 Emissions and Real World Economy Calculator

Our tool allows you to compare official mpg figures provided by manufacturers and mpg figures provided by Emissions Analytics and its EQUA Index ratings gained through multiple repeats of rural, urban and extra-urban roads using a portable measuring system, recording tailpipe emissions.

Calculate CO2 car emissions with the Fleet News CO2 emissions calculator to find the lowest emitting vehicles available on the market today.

The environment is becoming more central to how we do business as more and more companies are looking to reduce CO2 emissions across their fleets.

Here at Fleet News we have a co2 emissions calculator to help businesses calculate their fleet CO2 emissions.

Calculate car co2 emissions today with the Fleet News Car CO2 Emissions Calculator.