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Helping companies run effective and efficient fleets since 1978

Fleet News is the leading source of news and expertise for decision-makers of the £40 billion company car and van industry. It has been reporting on the fleet industry for more than 30 years giving it a unique perspective of the market. Targeted at fleet decision-makers within UK companies, Fleet News is read by those responsible for fleets of 10 or more cars or light commercial vehicles.

More than 16,000 named fleet decision-makers receive a copy every fortnight and recent research shows that in most cases, at least two people see each copy, raising its readership to more than 30,000.

Fleet News uses its dominant position in the sector to help move the industry forward. From lobbying the Government to urging fleet managers to take driver training and vehicle safety more seriously to offering help and advice on important financial issues, Fleet News ensures Britain's fleets get a fair deal and operate at maximum efficiency.


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