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The Fleet News car tax calculator enables you to calculate the company car tax costs for both the employer and the employee.

By using the drop down menus you can refine your search down to the exact model, derivative and replacement cycle to gain an accurate view of a company car’s tax costs. You can also compare another car by using the second calculator alongside.

The car tax calculator shows the tax payable at 20% and 40% that the employee will pay as well as a breakdown of the employer’s costs including total running cost of the cycle and per mile.

The P11D value is the list price of the vehicle plus VAT and delivery charges where applicable.

The residual value of the vehicle is an estimate only and should only be used as a guide.

Note: Employees who have the option of a cash allowance or company car will pay tax on the higher of the benefit on the car or the cash allowance amount.

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The Fleet News Company Car Tax Calculator

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Car Tax Calculator

With the Fleet News car tax calculator you can calculate your tax quickly and easily, fill in a few of your fleet car details including make and model and the company car tax calculator will provide you with a breakdown of the employees and the employers costs. By using the car road tax calculator you can gain a more comprehensive view of your car tax online and find out company car tax by car.