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Fleet Accident Management

Road accidents can cost companies thousands and thousands of pounds each year with repair costs, insurance premiums and production downtime.

Accident management companies can help to reduce these costs by capping repair costs, making sure drivers get back on the road again and analysis which enables fleet managers to highlight drivers who need further training.

Accident management companies take the responsibility of accidents away from the fleet manager and provide a cost solution that could not only save the company thousands but also reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Here at Fleet News we have all the information and advice on accident management to help to come up with a solution for your company.


Fleets and Customer Service: Top Tips

Nine steps to...a sucessful tender.

Drawing up proper guidance and effciently managing the selection can pay dividends, says Louise Cole

1. Know what you want

2. Question colleagues

3. Draw up a priority list

4. Put value before price

5. Don't fall for freebies

6. Research the market

7. Watch latest technology

8. Find someone you trust

9. Look beyond the figures

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