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Regional Fuel Prices

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County Date Diesel PPL Unleaded PPL Super Unleaded PPL LPG PPL Diesel PPG Unleaded PPG Super Unleaded PPG LPG PPG
Average 18/01/2021 134.87 132.82 N/T N/T 613.11 603.79 N/T N/T
Coventry 18/01/2021 139.90 137.90 N/T N/T 635.97 626.88 N/T N/T
Hemel Hempstead 18/01/2021 141.90 137.90 N/T N/T 645.06 626.88 N/T N/T
Stoke-on-Trent 18/01/2021 122.10 116.60 N/T N/T 555.06 530.05 N/T N/T
Warrington 18/01/2021 141.90 138.90 N/T N/T 645.06 631.43 N/T N/T

Source: whatgas.com

Fuel Prices

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