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Fleet News readers recommend their top suppliers

Fleet News readers choose their preferred suppliers in the latest 'Reader Recommended'.

The initiative allows fleets to have  their say about the companies they believe offer the best service.

Now, after a tumultuous 2020 with UK business pushed to the limits (and, sadly, in some cases beyond) by the Covid-19 pandemic and repeated nationwide lockdowns, Fleet News has revisited its 2019 Reader Recommended winners to find out how they have been supporting their customers over the past nine months.


However, times of hardship test relationships like no other, so how have a selection of our 2019 favourites fared this year?

Alphabet, Fleet Logistics, Jaama, Kwik-Fit, Teletrac Navman and Northgate let you into their world to discover the various ways in which they have supported their fleet customers.

Below is the list of every category, with the shortlisted recommended companies.

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Article: How to build relationships with suppliers

Category: Data and telematics

Teletrac Navman



About Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a global, market leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging AI and machine learning to drive next generation mobile asset and fleet management. Powered by AI to turn real-time data into decisions, Teletrac Navman’s specialized solutions deliver businesses with simplified, smart, predictive and actionable insights to help enhance productivity and profitability. Teletrac Navman’s fleet and asset management technology uncovers and simplifies information that would otherwise go unseen, helping customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. 

Teletrac Navman recharges the market with new EV product

Teletrac Navman has added a new web-based automated AI tool to its suite of software solutions, aimed at supporting fleet operators with the move over to electric vehicles. The EV Readiness Tool integrates seamlessly with Teletrac Navman’s advanced fleet management and tracking platforms and analyses all telematics data to provide operators with detailed recommendations of where electric vehicles could be adopted into their operation.

The smart algorithms behind the EV Readiness Tool not only tell you the feasibility of switching, they also calculate the total cost of ownership of an EV switch versus the existing fleet (purchase price, residual value, taxes, insurance, maintenance, electricity costs), as well as the total CO2 and fuel savings the business would make.

To make it even simpler for fleet operators, the EV Readiness Tool will even recommend the ideal EV vehicles to switch to and advise on how many and what type of chargers are required to run those vehicles. It can also calculate the cost of the chargers, as well as where they should be located to ensure no loss of battery based on the trips being undertaken.

Teletrac Navman Launches Next Generation AI-Based Telematics Platform – TN360
The Solution Uses the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise the Mobile Asset and Fleet Management Market

In August 2020, Teletrac Navman launched its next generation solution, TN360.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), TN360 delivers telematics functionalities in real-time, providing businesses with simplified, smart, predictive and actionable insights.

Traditional telematics systems rely mostly on GPS and motion sensors as they collect a narrow set of data-points, centered on location, diagnostics and routing.

These systems process linear calculations and produce important but limited feedback. TN360 uses a scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, mobile and third-party applications in real-time and translates raw signals into context. 

Telematics platforms of previous generations – designed to eliminate paper-based reporting and processes – required users to spend an excessive amount of time analysing digital reports to identify opportunities for improvement.

However, through AI, TN360 removes that analysis period for its users. It allows managers to take corrective action as soon as impactful outliers occur.

The platform enables business operations to recognise patterns of efficiency to highlight opportunities in areas like route planning, logistic workflows, maintenance, driver behavior, compliance and fuel management. It also has the ability to integrate with cameras, to give fleets the complete picture.

Users can also quickly receive business intelligence metrics simply by asking a question of TN360’s smart AI engine with voice-command technology – eliminating the challenge of traditional data analytics.


Category: Fleet management

Fleet Logistics

Providing peace of mind whatever the set-up

As a global fleet management specialist, we at Fleet Logistics offer over 20 years of experience and has a fleet of over 180,000 vehicles under contract in more than 27 countries.

We are part of FleetCompany GmbH, jointly owned by TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH and Volkswagen Financial Services AG, one of the leading fleet service providers in Europe. 

Fleet Logistics has some 170+ customers worldwide, and there is no limitation on target industries. But typically clients are players in Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, Food & Drink, Consumer Goods, Machinery & Tools and Software & Hardware.

Fleet Logistics’ mission is to support our customers in achieving their goals and objectives along with their operational and strategic requirements.

As a neutral and trusted service provider, we offer:

  • Aggregation of complex supply structures and translation into simple solutions
  • Flexibility to tailor the service offering to meet the needs of individual clients using standard tools, systems and processes
  • Delivery of objective and relevant advice, from strategy to execution
  • Our proven solutions to ensure an optimal implementation of your strategy.

We bring experience, flexibility, transparency and technology to guarantee our mutual success. And our modular service offering combines operational mobility management with relevant advice.

As such we have recently launched our new initiative - Global Mobility Solutions  -which aims to engage with fleet clients over issues such as cost effectiveness, sustainability and electrification, and corporate mobility alternatives.

The new business brings together the expertise of our existing consultancy division, in terms of market intelligence and methodologies, with the data management and analytical skills of our international reporting team.

Amongst the immediate concerns that companies are now facing are making their fleets more efficient, cost-effective and transparent given the severe economic challenges that many face following the Coronavirus pandemic. 

They are also looking closely at introducing a greater share of alternative powertrains, as more people may be home working and travelling less business miles. This makes switching to electrified fleets even more economically relevant than before.

Companies are also redefining mobility options offered to their employees, as more people question the value of a company car in the light of a broader mix of mobility types becoming available, including the mobility budgets and mobility offers of a new ‘sharing’ economy, such as car-sharing, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Here in the UK, we work with our clients to optimise the efficiency and services in their fleet supply chain, helping them make the right business decisions, not only for their company but also their drivers. We manage and reduce costs by providing sustainable procurement strategies, helping to plan for future mobility needs.

If you would like to learn more about or proposition, please get in contact with our colleagues or visit our website: www.fleetlogistics.com 


Category: Leasing


Alphabet is Europe’s leading provider of Business Mobility services. We are focused on designing and delivering productive, easily accessible solutions, to help keep businesses and employees on the move. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and deliver industry leading service with the customer at the heart of everything we do.

We have been serving business fleets and their decision-makers since 1997, helping them to meet their changing business travel requirements and enabling their employees to keep moving efficiently and effectively. We provide value to our customers in the only way that counts: by understanding what they need and delivering it every day to the highest standard. Since our launch over two decades ago, we’ve developed a reputation as a personal, progressive and outstanding business partner. 

Supporting brands such as Panasonic, Lyreco, Grundfos Pumps and McDonald’s Restaurants, today Alphabet manages a fleet of over 138,000 vehicles in the UK and more than 700,000 vehicles across 31 countries worldwide.

Our portfolio of mobility services comprises a comprehensive suite of vehicle funding solutions and fleet management including: strategic consultancy, corporate and employee car schemes, commercial vehicles, risk management, vehicle rental, accident management, fleet management and maintenance.

Additionally, our innovative mobility products such as Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity, which provides mobility-on-demand, are changing the way UK businesses finance, manage and use company cars.

Another pioneering service, AlphaElectric, enables organisations and employees to take advantage of the benefits of low and zero emission vehicles, and add genuine environmental sustainability to their fleet strategy.

At Alphabet, even amidst the pandemic, we are constantly reassessing and enhancing how we help our customers and what we offer them via our product portfolio, by continuing to develop existing systems and launching new ones.

It is our mission to be the very best option for businesses every time they travel; offering the most comprehensive array of funding options, fleet management and mobility solutions in the market.

And this mission has been acknowledged.

We are delighted to have been recognised by the readers of Fleet News with the ‘Reader Recommends’ Award in 2019. The readers of Fleet News understand the changing needs of professional fleet management, which makes this recognition so special.

Alphabet is based in Farnborough, Hampshire. To find out more about how we can help keep your business on the move, please visit www.alphabet.co.uk.


Category: Rental Company





Northgate is the largest LCV rental provider in the UK with a network of 67 locations and a fleet of c.50,000 vehicles. Our core business is the hire of light commercial vehicles to business and Public Sector users. on flexible contracts. Providing customers, the ability to manage their vehicle needs without capital outlay or long-term commitments.

The modern business environment calls into question the rationale of owning LCV fleets. At a time when little is certain and businesses need to be agile and flexible, it is increasingly less viable to own company vehicles. As a result, we’re seeing more businesses than ever turn to us to take care of their fleets.

Our LCV and specialist vehicle rentals all include Fleet Management, servicing, maintenance, 24/7 breakdown cover and replacement vehicles as standard – providing you peace of mind. In-house workshops ensure ease and quality of work. We also provide mobile servicing to minimise downtime.  

Northgate also offers a full range of Fleet Management services to help customers manage their entire fleets more effectively, reducing costs, improving efficiency and ensuring they are able to meet their legal and duty of care obligations.

We can offer Fleet Management for all your vehicles with services including: Fleet Scheduling and Planning; Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs; Compliance Monitoring and Auditing; Fleet Administration and Support; Cost Maintenance and Vehicle Supply and Disposal.

Our end to end Accident Management Service will take care of your whole fleet from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) through to incident conclusion.

Northgate are at the forefront of the move to greener vehicles with a comprehensive EV fleet offering and all the expert advice you need to make the correct vehicle, charging and operating model choices for your business.

Switching out of an outmoded fleet ownership model has never been easier. We will buy or help you to dispose of your existing fleet at fair market value. Enabling you to access our range of flexible fleet options and support services.

Our range of telematics options have been upgraded with improved dashboards and includes fuel card integration. Our Vehicle Inspection App supports your compliance needs through delivering paperless daily vehicle checks. We also provide Driver Risk Management including a 4-stage driver assessment and e-Learning modules that can be used at any stage of the driver cycle from recruitment to reviews.

Our Fuel card – which is free of charge to customers - offers an average of 8p per litre saving on pump prices (correct at time of writing).

So, if you thought that Northgate was just a Rental Company, think again. We are an integrated, specialist LCV fleet solutions provider. Our customers demand more than just a van. We provide Vans as a Service (VaaS) releasing our customers from costly fleet acquisition and management chores to run their businesses.

“We are delighted to be the Fleet News Reader Recommended Rental Company for another year and look forward to continuing to support fleets throughout the country.” Neil McCrossan, Sales & Marketing Director

Find out more at northgatevehiclehire.co.uk or call Northgate on 0330 042 0903


Category: Software



Jaama is pleased to receive a preferred software supplier accolade as part of Fleet News ‘Reader Recommended’ initiative. Readers vote for suppliers that they believe offer the best service in their sector and the Jaama accolade comes as its Key2 fleet management software keeps fleets compliant during 2020 and through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jaama’s Key2 fleet management software has been at the heart of keeping fleets on the road and compliant during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. This includes logistics and blue light fleets, which have worked around the clock during 2020 to keep the country safe and moving along. 

Jaama has seen many more new customers choosing Key2 as fleets aim to tighten up their operational spend and compliance administration. 

“Companies have faced many driver and vehicle challenges during 2020 and we have seen the pandemic speed up the gestation period of adopting new fleet management systems. Our stringent internal processes has enabled us to implement systems and train users remotely in order to help customers meet their business objectives.” explained Martin Evans, Jaama’s MD and director of the AFP.

Achieving a paper-free operation has been an objective for Jaama and many of its customers, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus between driver paperwork and office-based staff and to enable remote working and streamline processes. This objective has accelerated the adoption of Jaama’s smartphone app – MyVehicle App - that fully integrates with Key2 and enables drivers to carry out vehicle inspections and log defects via their smart phones. 

The grey fleet usage of the App has also seen a third more traffic as many drivers switch from public transport to their own vehicles for business travel.

All Jaama customers continue to benefit from a raft of new features and improvements in functionality every six months as part of its continued multi-million annual system investment. Once you are a Jaama customer you are always using the latest version of the product with no need to budget for costly upgrades.

Jon Lawes, managing director of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, which runs 70,000 funded and 14,000 fleet managed cars, vans, trucks and plant assets.

“Key2 gives us the complete truth on what is happening with vehicles on our fleet which is very powerful for us and our customers.” 

Data can be easily extracted from Key2 using its powerful reporting tool in real time. We can access our data more quickly and it takes less people to compile it which frees up more people to act on it.”

Rhianna Greaves, group IT manager, Go Plant Fleet Services which runs a combined fleet of 3,100 LCVs and specialist vehicles and 600 items of plant.

“Key2 demonstrated that we could adopt a system that enabled us to manage our cars, commercial vehicles and plant with the same rigour on one platform which we didn’t know was going to be achievable.”

“It’s not just improving things from an operational perspective, Key2 provides us with a full end-to-end solution which includes finance integration. Finance and Operational users are now using the same platform for the first time. There is now full cost transparency at every step of our business processes.”

For further information: website - www.jaama.co.uk; email - enquiries@jaama.co.uk; telephone - 0844 8484 333.


Category: Tyres and SMR

Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit - Continuing to keep you safe on the road in challenging times

As the nation faces changing restrictions across the UK, our focus remains on operating as normally as possible, keeping  our centres open and ensuring peace of mind motoring for all our customers. 

The ever developing nature of this pandemic has resulted in huge uncertainty, and we were very aware from the beginning that clear communication is key.

Every week we update our customers on the actions we’ve taken to protect them, our employees and our network in general, ensuring that they know they can rely on us.

Since the start of the pandemic we adopted COVID-safe protocols including fitting protective covers for seats and steering wheels, wearing gloves when driving vehicles in and out of centres and using face masks in customer facing areas.

Our receptions have been adapted for social distancing, with new protective reception desk screens and hand sanitizer available. We limited the amount of seating in reception, along with other temporary measures to prevent congregation, such as turning off coffee machines. 

With many drivers choosing to have tyres fitted whilst they work at home, demand for Kwik Fit Mobile has been at an all-time high.  We have retained our Mobile 7 provision, offering mobile tyre fitting from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week in many areas.

MOT demand has also been at record levels, following the MOT extension period ending on 1st August.

Our network of 540 MOT centres has been able to meet demand, with slots still available on a next day or 48 hour basis in the majority of locations.

First-time MOT pass rates remain consistently high, with nearly all MOT fails able to be repaired and re-tested on the same day, vital in minimising downtime. 

We have seen many new customers attend our centres for SMR work in recent months.

Kwik Fit has over 600 centres across the UK offering OEM and menu based servicing.

Despite high demand, our scale allows customers to benefit from slot availability on a short lead-time basis, and they have the reassurance of our use of OE data and OE matching parts for all servicing and repairs. 

Our support teams have adapted to new ways of working, embracing technology as a way to maintain communication with our customers and maintain service levels - video conferencing has become the norm for meetings, reviews and day to day business communications. 

We’re very proud of the way Kwik Fit has risen to the significant challenges of 2020 and maintained a premium, professional service to our customers for tyres, MOT and SMR requirements.

Our centre environment has changed to protect employees and customers and we have quickly adapted to maintain productivity and lines of communication. 

Ultimately though, I think our greatest accolade is the feedback from customers, which clearly shows how greatly they appreciate the support for their drivers in these most challenging of times. 

We have what it takes to keep your Fleet safe on the road. 


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