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Car Fuel Cost Calculator

We need some information to help calculate the cost of fuel (unleaded and super unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG UK average) for your car.

Select the fuel type, put in your mileage and finally, if you know it, the mpg rate - or select your make and model of the car from our dropdown. 

1. Select fuel type
This is defaulted to the UK average

2. Set your mileage
This can be for a year/month/day

3. Enter mpg

Understanding your results

Below gives an example of what results you can expect from our fuel cost calculator

Your fuel cost results for Volkswagen Golf Hatch 5Dr 1.4TSI 125 SS SE 6 18MY
Total fuel cost: £903.02
Gallons of fuel: 176.99
Litres of fuel: 804.61
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Mileage: 10,000
Fuel type: Super unleaded
Fuel price used for this calculation: 1122 pence per litre
Mpg used for this calculation: 32.6


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EV car and van data tool.

The Fleet News fuel cost calculator uses fuel price and vehicle data to calculate the cost of your journey. If you drive your vehicle for just 10 miles a week or 1,000 miles a month, using this tool will help budget for your fuel costs in the months ahead as well as show you potential savings on fuel costs.

Using the average fuel prices across the UK, we have pre-filled the pence per litre for you, but feel free to change this should you wish to use a more accurate petrol or diesel cost for your area.

You can either enter your mpg or look up your vehicle mpg from our running costs data set.

After entering the mileage for the routes you drive, simple click the view results page to view your fuel costs.

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