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FCA Soluzioni Issue 8

Inside issue eight of FCA Soluzioni, we look at the range of measures we put in place together with our funding operation Leasys to support and protect our customers during the coronavirus pandemic, including our new pay-as-you-go solution for the Fiat 500 and Doblo Cargo, and we also outline how we are continuing to help your businesses as we emerge from the lockdown.

BMW Special Report April 2020

This special report from BMW provides a comprehensive guide outlining their electrified strategy, along with how the latest benefit-in-kind (*BIK) rates and industry-wide WLTP changes will affect company car drivers. 

FCA Soluzioni - Issue 7

Inside issue seven of Soluzioni, our new FCA fleet and business sales director Iain Montgomery talks about why partnerships – with leasing companies and customers - sustainable growth and new product opportunities are his three priorities for 2020.

Nissan Fleet Winter 2020

This edition of Nissan Fleet offers a comprehensive guide to electrifying your fleet, covering everything from benefit-in-kind (*BIK) tax change benefits for EV drivers, to the latest information on clean air zones (CAZs) and insightful case studies on fleets which have made the transition to EVs.

Nissan Fleet Autumn 2019

Inside our latest edition we proudly introduce the next generation Nissan Juke to the fleet sector. A combination of cutting-edge design, outstanding efficiency and performance, and packed with Advanced intelligent technologies to make company car drivers safer and more efficient, we are rightly proud of the latest addition to the Nissan family.

FCA Soluzioni Issue 6

Inside issue six of Soluzioni, FCA fleet and remarketing director Andy Waite explains why the time is right to enter the electric vehicle market as we prepare for the launch of a host of new models starting with the electric Ducato later this year.

The Business Of Mobility

How organisations move their employees and good around is undergoing fundamental change. Get ready for the Age of Mobility

FCA Soluzioni Issue 5

Inside this edition, we speak to fleet and remarketing director Andy Waite about how FCA are investing now in anticipation of a growing product portfolio.

Nissan Fleet Spring 2019

Inside our latest edition, Fleet Director Iker Lazzari explains how fleet customer focus groups are helping to shape our future plans such as our new one-stop shop fleet portal website which provides best practice fleet management advice and enables you to manage your contracts, orders and purchase history with us.

The Business Of Low Emissions Vehicles

We examine the value of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure EVs now and in the future.


The Business Of ADAS Calibration

Fleet and insurance bodies campaign for additional safety technologies to be part of the car’s spec. They may cost more, but are worth the extra.


BMW Special Report 13.12.18

Introducing the new BMW 3 series -  Latest incarnation drives as good as it looks

Honda Special Report

Increased appeal of the CR-V

Advanced powertrain puts SUV at the forefront in terms of efficiency and refinement


FCA Soluzioni Issue 4

Inside this edition, we speak to new fleet and remarketing director Andy Waite about his priorities in the fleet sector and the benefits offered by having one of the broadest vehicle ranges on the market.

Nissan Fleet Autumn 2018

In our fourth edition, Fleet Director Iker Lazzari reveals how we are working to understand and meet the needs of corporate fleets and why retailers are playing a key role in building relationships with local businesses.


BMW Special Report 28.06.18

Latest addition to Group's X range has the design and high-tech features that are bound to appeal to fleets

The Business Of..Safety and Risk

Don’t ignore the legal, financial and moral obligations of running a fleet

FCA Soluzioni: Issue 3 March 2018

In this issue, FCA fleet and remarketing director Francis Bleasdale reveals the structural and team changes we have made to ensure fleets receive outstanding levels of service, how we are working to protect residual values to keep your costs low, and the vital role that our retail network plays in supporting fleet customers

Nissan Fleet Spring 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Nissan Fleet. We Mean Business.

Mini Special Report

Refreshed model line-up puts MINI firmly on corporate radar

Last year presented many challenges, but the offering for 2018 should form a stronger connection with user-choosers and fleet operators

BMW Special Report

Getting right vehicle for the job requires complex calculations

Many factors should be assessed and a ‘balanced view’ is necessary when choosing the right powertrain

National Windscreens special report

What is ADAS and why is it so important to your fleet?

Advanced driver assistance systems are growing more and more common on modern cars as the road to autonomy continues. Matt de Prezreports

FCA Soluzioni Nov 2017 digital issue cover

FCA Soluzioni: Issue 2 November 2017

Issue 2 where the spotlight falls on Fiat Professional, plus hear from members of the van team, how they are supporting fleets and how FCA has improved its conversions programme.

FCA Soluzioni

FCA Group is delighted to be partnering with Fleet News on this new publication.

Nissan Fleet

Welcome to the latest edition of Nissan Fleet. We Mean Business.


Nissan Corporate

Nissan is pleased to be working with Fleet News to deliver our first edition of Nissan Corporate. This will enable us to share the latest developments within our business and keep you informed about our expanding model line-up.

Fleet and Fuel

Fleet and Fuel [2016]

Turbo engines, ‘free’ fuel, AdBlue, LPG and more – we look at how fleets can cut fuel costs and reduce emissions

Fleet & drivers

Fleet and Drivers [2016]

Effective communication is key to successfully influencing drivers and introducing new initiatives.

Find out how you achieve this in our special 11-page report.

Fleetwise [2015]

FleetWise brings you practical case studies and features to support you in running an efficient fleet.


Fleet and Safety - part two [2015]

How crash-testing, road design, hands-free ban and Euro NCAP can reduce risk on your fleet

Fleet and Safety - Part One [2015]

How to identify potential issues with drivers, from health to near-misses, and implement corrective measures

The Business Of... Driver Behaviour [2015]

Help your drivers maintain a sense of pride in their vehicles, organise the most appropriate training and pick out the best safety aids available

Seat Driven for Business

Seat Driven for Business [2015]

Experienced fleet decision-makers put the award-winning Leon to the test

Fleet and strategy

Fleet and Strategy [2015]

A comprehensive and robust strategy is vital to run an effective fleet. This 10-page report looks at the key areas to include, how to make it relevant to your business and how to use it to measure performance

Fleet and taxation

Fleet and Taxation [2015]

How to get the tax treatment of your vehicles right and unlock potential savings