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Siemens is country's biggest operator of plug-in company cars

Wayne Warburton, Siemens head of UK Mobility Services

Six years ago, Siemens introduced its first plug-in hybrid car onto the fleet. Its first pure electric company cars arrived in 2017.

Today, the business has already tipped the balance of its 2,300-strong car fleet in favour of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), with more than 1,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), 200 hybrids and 80 battery electrics (BEVs), plus another 30 BEVs on order with demand growing monthly. 

According to Fleet200 data from the UK’s largest fleets, Siemens is now the country’s biggest operator of plug-in company cars. 

And that’s just the start. Its current car order book is 80% PHEV and 6% BEV. Within the next couple of months, the CO2 emissions average for the entire fleet, including the 900 light commercial vehicles (LCVs), will drop below 100g/km.