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ABAX is a world leading supplier of electronic mileage logs for mileage claims and distance and mileage calculations. ABAX Triplog is a smart GPS tracking solution that automatically documents all driving via GPS, calculates mileage and distance, to compile driving records in the format required by HMRC. Furthermore, average savings of 20% are seen against the running costs of the fleet. Savings are generated from a reduction in fuel used, increased efficiencies and a reduction in the amount of tax paid.


ABAX provide technology that is self-installable. The benefit to the customer is that devices can be installed easily in minutes, reducing the downtime of the fleet and meaning that vehicles can be set up as and when they become available. When vehicles are updated or replaced, the customer is also able swap the device over without the need for an engineer appointment and a de-install and re-install cost.


ABAX currently have 34,000 customers with more than 240,000 active units globally. 


ABAX UK, Allia Business Centre, ABAX Stadium, London Road, Peterborough, PE2 8AN

01733 698888