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Car Tax Prices

Car tax is a complicated and expensive process for most drivers, car tax prices have continued to rise for many years now and it doesn't look like it will be going down any time soon.

For company car drivers, prices for car tax gets a bit more complicated with BIK rates affecting what a driver will pay.

Company car tax is designed to encourage drivers to choose more environmentally-friendly cars because the tax charged is directly related to the carbon dioxide level a car produces. Basically, company car drivers pay tax on a percentage of the value of the car decided by the carbon dioxide emissions of the car and the employee’s salary.

With the Fleet News Car Tax Calculator you can compare company car tax costs for any new vehicle. The Fleet News car tax calculator enables you to calculate and compare company car tax costs for both the employer and the employee. You can also compare company car tax for two cars by using the second calculator alongside.

Below we have links to various aids around the site 0 the car tax calculator will enable you to calculate car tax prices, below is also the latest articles and news on tax and legislation. We also have a dedicated company car tax section full of best practice and case studies.

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