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BMW 320d Sport - 12,800 miles



WHAT is it about other road users that seems to instil in them a hatred of women drivers?

Perhaps it is jealousy, inferiority or maybe they have just had a bad day and want to take it out on someone.

Within hours of taking the keys of our BMW 320d (a treat I had been looking forward to ever since it arrived at Fleet Towers last year) I experienced the worst incident of road rage I have ever encountered.

A fellow road user swerved his car in front of me on an A1 roundabout after repeatedly 'buzzing' me to get past despite being in a stream of traffic. When I gave a warning blast on my horn he stopped in the fast lane, got out and shouted at me.

Ever since, I have been analysing what happened and the only conclusion I can reach is that he was annoyed by the fact that a BMW – and even worse a BMW driven by a blonde woman – was in front of him and wouldn't be forced to give way. I wonder if any other readers have experienced the same as me in a BMW?

This was, I am relieved to report, an isolated incident and I have had no trouble since. In fact the BMW has been one of the most enjoyable cars I have had the opportunity to drive. Handling is superb and performance of the 150bhp diesel engine lived up to all my expectations, still pulling away even in sixth gear.

Any fleet manager who offers his or her drivers the opportunity of running a 320d Sport can't fail to be a popular member of the team.

As well as keeping fleet managers happy with excellent RVs, economy and running costs, the BMW 320d Sport will delight drivers.

Being the Sport version our BMW really stands out from the crowd with its fabulous 18in M sports alloys and lowered suspension which attracts a fair bit of attention on the road.

Despite offering a rewarding drive, comfort is not sacrificed which is important when living and working with a car. The BMW 320d Sport is extremely comfortable on a long journey – so much so that I was looking forward to getting back in the car on a weekend trip to Cheltenham.

As one would expect of a BMW, build quality is impeccable inside and out – the only thing I am not too keen on is the dark roof lining which gives an oppressive feeling, particularly in the back seats. The car just oozes quality and you can't help but feel that little bit special when you are driving it. Perhaps that's what annoys people so much!

Company car tax bill 2004/05 (40% tax-payer): £152 per month

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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