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Nissan Primera 1.8 SVE - 5,600 miles



DURING a few weeks of very hard motoring for our Nissan Primera I gave it one of its toughest challenges – taking me to a management conference.

You might think that getting me there and back is the bread and butter of any car. I could even get there on a scooter, but there is a very important role a car plays at these sort of events.

When you arrive, you need to look like you are a cool, calm, modern-manager kind of person. So, no matter what the traffic is like, you need a car that doesn't pour you out at the end of a journey looking like an explosion in a suit factory.

Therefore, on the trip there the Nissan was a perfect choice. It even put a smile on my face. As with all management courses, it was in the middle of nowhere, so the satellite navigation in our SVE model proved a real benefit.

To be honest, it meant I kept my eyes on the road and drove the pants off the car around the winding back roads. Although the 1.8-litre engine feels relatively underpowered, the easy clutch and gearchange means a bit of determined stirring of the cogs produces a really fun drive.

So on to the car's second role, getting my sagging brain home after a day and a half of bang-your-head-on-desk, problem-solving tasks, designed to test your mettle in management.

Setting off in the dark, I had to pull over because the screen in the centre console was so bright, prompting some frantic stabbing at the N-Form dashboard to reduce the glare (a simple button would help here).

Arriving home it was mission accomplished, but following an urge to analyse some figures, I would argue strongly that you spend an extra £500 and get the 2.0-litre version. And if you find it a struggle to persuade the powers that be to put it on the choice list, I can recommend a management course you could go on.

Company car tax bill 2002 (22% taxpayer): £52.98 per month

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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