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Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet 1.9 dCi - 6,775 miles



I DID not realise until recently that a measly chewing gum wrapper could cause so many problems.

At precisely 3am on a Tuesday morning, the alarm went off on my long-term Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet. Bleary-eyed, I went out in my dressing gown and turned it off, cursing and vowing to contact Renault the next day.

This was the fourth time the alarm had gone off since the Megane had been under my long-term wing and I decided it was more than a stray feline causing the problem.

Before I had the chance to contact our local dealership, a friend asked if I kept coins or silver chewing gum wrappers in the coin tray in front of the handbrake.

Yes I did. Apparently, such metallic objects can affect the workings of a car alarm and trigger it for no reason. I promptly removed the wrapper and more than a month later the problem has not recurred.

Coincidence or not, life is much quieter.

I seem to have showered the Megane with praise since I've had it on test but I have found one minor annoyance – the seatbelt.

When the seat is in its most forward position, it is difficult to reach the seatbelt without fully turning around and using my left hand. Some convertibles have seatbelt hooks on the drivers' seat – maybe a consideration for future Meganes?

The Megane is one of the few convertibles I actually prefer the looks of with the roof up. It has a long, sleek body and from the side view looks really sporty. Another plus for posers is that it is easily distinguishable from the rest of the Renault family.

My final days in the Megane have been blessed with sunshine and the electronic folding roof has been 100% reliable.

The fact that it is so solid should make it more appealing at disposal time too. Some buyers may be put off by its electric roof for fear that faults could occur, but if the Megane continues with its current performance, there should not be any issues.

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