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When we last reported on the Ampera, it had been achieving a still-creditable 140mpg after a longer journey dented the nearly all-electric 200mpg-plus.

But we can happily report that following a series of commutes with little need for the engine to power up the battery, we are back to the 200mpg mark again and should continue to see that improve in the near future.

Another bonus is that all of the charging has taken place at our office, which means I have been commuting at no cost to me in terms of ‘refuelling’.

There is currently no benefit-in-kind guidance on electricity provided by employers for private mileage.

If I was using fuel paid for by my company for private mileage then I would have been liable to pay tax.

Longer journeys over the weekend do come at a price, however. I don’t have a charging point installed at home as I live in a flat and the 38 miles I am getting on electric is not always enough to see me through the weekend.

That means the Ampera ends up running on petrol at around 40mpg, making a diesel hybrid, which can boast a higher fuel economy figure, appear more attractive.

To make my range envy worse, I have spotted an Ampera parked on a neighbouring street, with a charging point by the front door of the house.

This brings the total number of Amperas in my neighbourhood to two – the equivalent of 4% of the Amperas sold to fleets in the UK this year.

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.

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