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Nissan Fleet Autumn 2019

Inside our latest edition we proudly introduce the next generation Nissan Juke to the fleet sector. A combination of cutting-edge design, outstanding efficiency and performance, and packed with Advanced intelligent technologies to make company car drivers safer and more efficient, we are rightly proud of the latest addition to the Nissan family.

FCA Soluzioni Issue 6

Inside issue six of Soluzioni, FCA fleet and remarketing director Andy Waite explains why the time is right to enter the electric vehicle market as we prepare for the launch of a host of new models starting with the electric Ducato later this year.

The Business Of Mobility

How organisations move their employees and good around is undergoing fundamental change. Get ready for the Age of Mobility

FCA Soluzioni Issue 5

Inside this edition, we speak to fleet and remarketing director Andy Waite about how FCA are investing now in anticipation of a growing product portfolio.

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