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The Business Of Electric Vans

The shift to electrified van fleets is now a certainty rather than a possibility after the Government announced a ban of the sale of new, conventionally-powered petrol and diesel models from 2030.
However, the sector is still in its relative infancy and an electric van cannot currently always be considered a straight replacement. Here we look at 3 factors in deciding the right time to switch to electric vans.

Polestar Special Report May 2021

Fleets across the UK are making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to help cut carbon emissions. But, simply transitioning to EVs and away from internal combustion engines (ICEs) doesn’t mean fleets have “gone green”.
There’s no getting away from the fact that manufacturing a car is damaging to the environment, whether it’s an EV, hybrid, diesel or petrol vehicle.
It’s why Polestar, the performance electric vehicle brand, has laid down the gauntlet to the industry to say it will build a well-to-wheel emissions-free vehicle by 2030.

Soluzioni Issue 9

This year marks our major push into electric with lots of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles coming to market, ranging from the Fiat 500 BEV to the Fiat Professional e-Ducato. Details on both these models, as well as our easyWallbox and vehicle-to-grid solutions, are inside this edition.

FCA Soluzioni Issue 8

Inside issue eight of FCA Soluzioni, we look at the range of measures we put in place together with our funding operation Leasys to support and protect our customers during the coronavirus pandemic, including our new pay-as-you-go solution for the Fiat 500 and Doblo Cargo, and we also outline how we are continuing to help your businesses as we emerge from the lockdown.

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