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What are the requirements for driving in the EU and EEA after Brexit?


Check where you can use your licence

You may need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive outside the UK. Check if you need an IDP on the gov.uk website.

You can get IDPs over the counter at the Post Office - they cost £5.50. 

Get insurance

A ‘green card’ is proof of motor insurance cover when driving abroad.

You should carry one for the vehicle you’re driving in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia or Switzerland.

You will need to carry more than one green card if:

  • you have fleet or multi-car insurance - you’ll need a green card for each vehicle
  • you have 2 policies covering the duration of your trip, for example, if your policy renews during the journey

You must carry a physical copy of your green card when driving abroad. Electronic versions of green cards are not acceptable.

Get the right vehicle documents

Your need to carry your vehicle registration documents when driving abroad for less than 12 months. This can be either:

  • the vehicle log book (V5C), if you have one
  • a VE103 to show you’re allowed to use a hired or leased vehicle abroad

You can get a VE103 for a fee from the:

There are different rules if you take the vehicle out of the UK for 12 months or more.

Your vehicle must be taxed and your driver will need to carry the right vehicle documents with them during international journeys. These include:

  • vehicle registration documents
  • vehicle and trailer insurance documents
  • GB stickers (UK drivers will not need to display a GB sticker in most EU countries if their number plate has GB or GB with a Union Flag on it)
  • vehicle operator licences and permits

Check what vehicle documents your drivers need to carry during international journeys on the gov.uk website.

Check if you need to pay import duty

You may need to pay import duty on your vehicle if you take it outside the UK. Check with the authorities in the country you’re taking your vehicle to.

You do not need to pay import duty to take your vehicle from Northern Ireland to Great Britain or the EU.

Make sure your driver is eligible to drive abroad

Your driver will need to carry the right documents about themselves with them during international journeys. These include:

  • a valid UK driving licence
  • a valid Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card
  • a valid passport
  • an international driving permit (IDP) if they need one for the countries they’re travelling in
  • healthcare documents

Check what documents your driver needs to carry about themselves during international journeys on the gov.uk website.


Source: GOV.UK

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