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What is a travel decision tree?



One simple, effective, method to control grey fleet costs is a travel decision tree. This is a series of questions for staff to consider before making a journey in their own car.

The first question is whether the journey is necessary or whether a telephone or video conference could be held instead.

If it is necessary, is it possible to use public transport, walk or cycle? If that isn’t an option, is a pool car or daily rental vehicle available?

Employees should also consider car sharing. Using a private car should be seen as the last resort.

Indeed, any employee reclaiming more than 5,000 business miles a year should be considered for the company car scheme.

“You should encourage people to use audio or video conferencing where appropriate,” says David Watts, from the Energy Saving Trust.

“The key word is ‘appropriate’ because it won’t always be appropriate.”

Source: Fleet News

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