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We produce automotive insight assets to help our clients solve boardroom and commercial challenges through extensive engagement with the fleet market.

Fleet Intelligence specialise in providing automotive, fleet supplier and leasing focused market insight.

Each and every year Fleet Intelligence interview 5,000+ fleet decision makers  in order to tap into their vast well of knowledge and experience. This unique fleet community engagement enables us to support our clients with reliable insight assets used to predict future trends, map changing customer priorities and develop business strategies to exploit growth opportunities. 

Our unparalleled level of access to named fleet automotive decision-makers enables unique multi-fleet business, customer/supplier decision maker stakeholder market perspectives. This knowledge and expertise allows us to be flexible in our approach to help clients fulfil their insight requirements.

This is why leading automotive manufacturers, leasing and finance companies, car rental providers, franchise dealer groups, fast-fit companies, independent industry experts and industry trade associations trust Fleet Intelligence to provide insight and analysis to support planning and strategy and inform decision-making.

We deliver both tactical and strategic support in the following areas:

  • Market sizing
  • New market opportunities
  • Barriers to market 
  • Strength of supplier relationships
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitor evaluation
  • SIC code analysis
  • Stakeholder gap analysis
  • Media measurement 
  • Marketing communications evaluation
  • Brand health assessment
  • Independent measure of the value chain/fleet mobility opportunity.

The team



Pulse, Fleet Intelligence service (previously Sewells Research and Insight) a subsidiary of Bauer Media, has been around for more than 40 years gathering and generating intelligence and insight for our clients. We are a leading provider of business intelligence in the UK for information on the fleet and vehicle leasing markets. We regularly help our clients predict future trends, map changing customer priorities and develop business strategies to exploit growth opportunities.

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