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Goodyear showcases concept tyre with advanced sensor technology for early generation autonomous vehicles

IntelliGrip could enhance safety of autonomous vehicles for drivers and pedestrians

At this year’s Geneva International Motor Show Goodyear presented its vision for tyres to support early generation autonomous vehicles. The Goodyear IntelliGrip concept tyre, with its advanced sensor technology, is designed to support autonomous vehicle control systems. As autonomous vehicles rely on data from other vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and smart cities, tyres such as the Goodyear IntelliGrip concept could play a critical role in the exchange of information.

Thanks to its advanced sensor technology and specially designed tread, the Goodyear IntelliGrip concept tyre can sense many road conditions, including both surface and weather conditions. The IntelliGrip also uses advanced active wear technology, based on Goodyear’s active wear and tyre-pressure monitoring system sensor technology, to assess the state of the tyre and the vehicle. Goodyear developed special algorithms to account for such variables as inflation pressure and tyre temperature to give a better estimation of the state of the tyre and as a result, optimize the autonomous control system of the vehicle.

In addition to sensing the road and tyre conditions, the tyre also communicates with the vehicle’s central computer system, which should contribute to delivering improved driving performance and safety. When the tyre senses a rainy or slippery road surface, the autonomous vehicle will adapt its speed. Additionally, it should shorten the stopping distance, provide a better cornering response, optimize stability and even support collision prevention systems.

Goodyear is working with a number of car manufacturers to further adapt this technology to their needs, enhancing connectivity with features such as Electronic Stability Control Systems, Brake Control Systems and Suspension Control Systems.

The IntelliGrip’s microchip was developed with Huf, a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electrical locking systems, tyre pressure monitoring systems and telematic systems for the automotive industry worldwide.

More information on this, and Goodyear’s ground-breaking Eagle 360 concept tyre, can be found at http://news.goodyear.eu/