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World-class technology gives Key2 users the edge

Leasing companies discover the benefits of Jaama’s software solution


An ever-growing number of contract hire and leasing companies are turning to Jaama to provide worldclass internet-based fleet management solutions.

The decision by many of the country’s leading leasing companies to use the multi-award-winning Key2 leasing and vehicle management system underlines Jaama’s status as the number one provider of technologically-advanced business solutions to vehicle leasing businesses.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Those contract hire and leasing companies that have introduced Key2 have discovered that the cuttingedge system enables them to compete with larger competitors. As a result of forming technology partnerships with Jaama, we are able to understand their individual business requirements and provide appropriate solutions.

“As our Key2 system is so technically advanced and configurable it negates the requirement to spend vast amounts of time and financial resource developing inhouse systems.”

Now more than ever, contract hire and leasing companies require cutting-edge software systems to drive improvements and efficiences across their operations as well as ensuring legislative compliance, managing risk and strategically managing their portfolio of cars and commercial vehicles, salary sacrifice cars and clients’ grey fleet vehicles.

What’s more, contract hire and leasing company clients have direct online access to a comprehensive suite of reports which provide, in real-time, detailed information on every conceivable issue relating to their vehicles and drivers.

That self-help approach coupled with the quality and quantity of data that contract hire and leasing companies using Key2 can now provide is market-leading, thus delivering significant benefits to clients.

Key2 also provides major administrative efficiencies to contract hire and leasing companies internally as information and reports are generated automatically while also delivering improved visibility of the wide range of assets owned.

Evans said: “Implementation of Key2 has also given contract hire and leasing providers an industry-leading platform through which they can introduce a wide range of exciting new products and services, further driving cost-saving effi ciencies and compliance for clients."

Contract hire and leasing companies using Key2 include Days Contract Hire, Fleet Hire, JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, Ogilvie Fleet and Total Motion.

Meanwhile, Jaama’s international growth and introduction of its European leasing system has enabled it to supply overseas contract hire specialists, including Merrion Fleet Management, the Republic of Ireland’s largest independent fl eet management company, with a technically-advanced, off-the-shelf product.

Critically, Key2’s multi-currency and language capability works behind the scenes and recognises when quotes and invoices detailing fleet costs and taxes are received in a local currency and language.

The sophisticated technology converts the figures into the base currency used by the business.

Evans concluded: “Technology is essential for the fleet industry and those who operate in it. Contract hire companies using Key2 have a world-class solution, while their fleet decision-maker clients can access a wealth of real-time data putting essential information at their fingertips.”

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