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Accident Management Features - Page 5

  • If the car is the driver’s own, he or she may dismiss the damage with a shrug. But when the car is leased or rented, someone has to pay for it, particularly if it is going to affect the resale value.

  • Staged crashes, in which gangs of criminals stage a deliberate crash, are becoming more common, with fleets often being targeted as the gang knows that the vehicle is likely to be fully insured, and the driver less likely to ask questions as they do not own the vehicle.

  • The ACPO (2007) Road Death Investigation Manual (RDIM) is used to assist forces to develop policies and business processes to ensure that deaths on the road are investigated professionally. Use it to understand the impact on your business if one of your drivers is involved in a road death.

  • Making sure your drivers keep an accurate account of any incident they are involved in is essential for any fleet. The incident recording form template here gives you an idea how you should shape your own document.