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Fleet News Directory - 2020 edition out now!

Fleet News Directory - 2020 edition out now!


OUT NOW! The 31st edition of the Fleet News Directory!

The Fleet News Directory continues as a vital resource to fleet managers offering a nationwide reference to vehicle suppliers and associated services. Packed full of information, from dealers to disposals, leasing to rental and fast-fit to support services, help is never more than a turn of the page away. The directory is full of up-to-date contacts and information designed to make running a fleet easier.

Packed full of comprehensive information

Whether you are looking to draw up a shortlist of possibilities to replace your current supplier, or are simply looking for companies against which to benchmark your incumbent partner, the Fleet News Directory will help you keep pace with the constant challenges that affect your fleet management role, whatever that may be.

Keeping you up-to-date with current changes

The Directory provides information on car and van manufacturers, plus contacts for their dealers. In addition, listed inside are all the main suppliers serving fleet, from contract hire to rental, fleet management to driver training and franchised dealer to fast-fit.

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