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Fleet200: EVs and Covid-19, biggest challenges facing fleet

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The following article was published in the September 24 issue of Fleet News. Read the full article.

Two challenges head the myriad issues facing fleet operators over the coming months: uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and the fallout from Covid-19.

Dig deeper and the real diversity in fleet becomes evident. Some businesses are confronting personal challenges as they take action to address individual priorities, while others are consumed by the holistic challenges affecting every company across the country. No matter the size of fleet, everyone has something to occupy their time.

EVs are omnipresent. For a range of reasons, companies are focusing on shifting their fleets from diesel to full electric or plug-in hybrids. Supply is a concern for many, some are juggling complications in setting up a workplace charging infrastructure, while others still can’t quite make the sums add up for certain wholelife cost comparisons.