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Fleet News has teamed up with www.whatgas.com to bring you the fuel price finder tool, locate garages and fuel prices from across the UK and find the cheapest fuel prices by location or postcode. You can also check out the regional fuel prices page to see the averages.

When paying fuel prices for your fleet cars, your business could make substantial savings by finding a cheaper forecourt to refuel your fleet cars or vans. Even one penny per litre can make all the difference when filling up your fleet vehicles that could save your company. Once you have found the best fuel prices in your area why not use the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and calculate your fleet fuel costs and see if your business could save.

Find local fuel prices with Fleet News today!

Please note: The compare fuel prices tool is provided by whatgas.com and not updated or controlled by Fleet News. The fuel prices displayed are not a guarentee and should only be used as guidance. Remember that travelling too far out of your way to get cheaper fuel prices may not save you money.

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