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Airmax Remote

Formed in 2004, Airmax Remote has been a market leader in the supply of innovative solutions as Telematics Service Provider to the Public and Private sectors; helping customers to remotely manage their fleet to maximise cost reductions and secure an ROI.

As part of the Airmax Group, a collection of independently owned specialised subsidiaries, Airmax Remote Limited specialises Driver Profiling and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics. Our expertise provide tailored Software as a Service (SaaS), including location based services and vehicle CANbus data.

With a proven track record, installing 250,000 systems since 1986, our robust system is tailored for simple deployment enabling a companywide ethos for continuous improvement. The solution we provide for our clients address;

  • Operational Improvements, including Utilisation and Visibility that assist with Deployment of fleet asset,
  • Driver Profiling to identify and proactively performance manage driver behaviour,
  • Duty of Care Compliance to look after your drivers and reduce fleet risk,
  • Vehicle Diagnostics for proactive Maintainence to reduce your SMR costs.


Airmax has also established itself as a leading provider of telematics for the UK Police forces averaging a saving of 34% on Operational Costs.

Airmax Remote delivers complete end to end solutions including hardware design, manufacturing, Including the development of embedded software and are a Mobile Network Operator. A wealth of automotive industry expertise, partnered with a continual focus on innovation, allows us to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of client product – from inception to delivery, whilst future proofing any market requirements.

The recent launch of its Remote Mileage Manager; a service that provides a mobile friendly driver portal, provides access to automated, recorded journeys. Telematics has been able to eliminate the need for recording expenses manually – Reducing administration, Inaccurate claims and guarantees to make business compliance. An analysis of 2000 drivers using this service have seen that even the best drivers have reduced their claims by 60 Miles a month with accurate mileage recordings.


Airmax Remote Ltd. Logic House, 31 Black Moor Road, Ebblake Industrial Estate, Verwood, Dorset, BH31 6BB.