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Driver Intelligence


Protect drivers from the daily risks of driving for work while meeting the demands of driver and vehicle legislation.

Driver Intelligence can help your business to:

  • Save Money – reduce fleet expenditure related to insurance, repairs, running costs, fines, lost time and administration.
  • Save Time – integrating all of your fleet management activities into one solution saves time spent on gathering data, compliance management, risk analysis and mitigation, and reporting.
  • Save Face – avoid accidents, lost business, litigation and damage to your reputation by having safer drivers that are fully compliant.
  • Save Lives – demonstrate that you care about your employees and their families, your customers, the local community and other road users.

Our unique and comprehensive management system is an intuitive easy-to-use web based portal with everything fleet managers need to manage drivers, vehicles and company policy all in one place, so improves efficiency, reduces cost, makes life easier and protects a company’s hard earned reputation by ensuring full compliance.

Our services include:

  • Corporate risk assessment
  • Compliance action report
  • Bespoke corporate handbook
  • Policy development
  • CO2 management
  • Driver risk assessments
  • Licence checks
  • Grey fleet management
  • Nominated driver management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Interactive driver awareness seminars
  • Video-based e-learning
  • In-vehicle driver training
  • Specialist driving courses
  • CPC training

Our management system is tailored to meet the needs of your company, making it entirely bespoke to your organisation. We aim to provide clients with clear information that can be used to inform decision making around the most cost effective and efficient means of managing driver risk.

Driver Intelligence also offers an outsourced management service where our skilled, personable team fully manages your drivers and vehicles, including regular monitoring and client updates. Currently 75% of our clients are using this optional service.

Visit www.driver-intelligence.com to find out more.


Driver Intelligence Ltd

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