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Growing our business through understanding our customers

A dedicated team ensures right from the start that your defleet needs are given the attention they deserve, says Aston Barclay

When talking to a potential new client, we start to understand and learn their expectations and ambitions well before any new contract is agreed and vehicles start the remarketing process.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional levels of service, ensuring that any proposals put forward are built around this thorough understanding. We then start to build bespoke solutions, educate our teams and develop our systems.

By listening to the needs of each individual client, we can use our industry experience and knowledge to assist the customer in exceeding their goals and handle the entire remarketing process from start to finish.

Once any contract has been agreed, we launch a full implementation plan covering all areas of the solution and involve team members from every department of our business. We know that every member of our team is connected with our client’s vehicles in one way, shape or form; we always strive to let the customer know that their vehicles are in safe hands.

Aston Barclay staff undergo training, ensuring they are fully up-to-date with customer-specific systems and methods of working. This ensures that cover is always available for every aspect of the customer’s account and it continues to run smoothly, minimising any potential disruption caused by staff absence.

A thorough implementation and education service

The implementation process normally begins a minimum of two months before the first vehicles are remarketed with a dedicated Implementation Team created to oversee the entire programme.

A board level director will take overall responsibility for the implementation programme, ensuring that senior management are fully aware of clients’ needs. Staff from every Aston Barclay centre where the customer’s vehicles will be remarketed are represented within the Implementation Team, ensuring that the service is seamless and that the client has full visibility over our activities.

This is representative of Aston Barclay’s hands-on and flat management structure; all Aston Barclay team members on the account are involved from day one at every level, from customer reporting in the boardroom to using their industry experience when vehicles are going under the hammer.

Senior account management directly analyse what is happening on the auction floor, sharing industry experience and advice with buyers and vendors. It also enables any additional requirements from the customer to be communicated directly to all levels of management, ensuring  requests and questions are dealt with and actioned in a fast and effective manner.

Lastly, to ensure that our team has sound relationships with clients, we undertake site visits to remarketing offices, dealerships, defleet locations or anywhere else that the client feels will give us the right level of understanding of our clients’ processes to be beneficial to the smooth running of the solution.

Fully customisable at every stage at every level

We will never tell you what is best for your business but we will liaise with you to develop solutions that fit your working practices, processes and which seek to maximise your returns, improve cash flow and surpass your expectations.

Through our recently-enhanced digital services, including our fully-bespoke, cloud-based Inventory Management System (IMS) reporting suites and Auction Management System (AMS), we develop our infrastructure and back-end systems to meet our customer’s requirements through customisable parameters, using dedicated staff to make sure that any integration is seamless between multiple systems which may be vital for delivering a trouble-free, efficient service.

The formatting and method of presenting to the client is decided entirely by the client, on everything from reporting to inspections and appraisals.

A remarketing strategy will be proposed to the customer, with Aston Barclay working to accommodate any specific requests. The number of vehicles at each sale will be prioritised, as well as their presale and run phase marketing. This is entirely flexible, with the schedule of vehicles coming up for sale frequently reviewed.

To drive buyers to our four auction sites and to our digital sales channels, we work extensively with customers on joint marketing activities. These are created to ensure all promotional and marketing activity adheres to the guidelines of the customer, whether they are a leasing company, dealer or manufacturer.

Once all marketing has been approved by the customer and initiated, we utilise all available media outlets to raise brand awareness and create buzz about the upcoming sales. Once the contract has begun, we enter a run phase marketing programme prior to each sale, and continuously via our website and social media.

End-to-end remarketing

The extensive experience of Aston Barclay’s senior management – each of whom have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry – gives our new fleet customers unrivalled access to inside knowledge of the auction and remarketing sector, allowing Aston Barclay to advise on best practice and changing market conditions. Aston Barclay can work to your schedules in terms of vehicle allocation and collection, using our new fleet of state of-the-art transporters.

Aston Barclay provides complete visibility of each vehicle while in our care. Our transport fleet is fitted with the latest telematics, tracking vehicles on the road with our state of the art trucks, helping to lessen our environmental impact, improve efficiency and reduce fuel costs – which can then be passed back to our clients.

Still one month from the first vehicles being auctioned, Aston Barclay will establish review meeting schedules and processes against agreed KPIs selected by the customer and Aston Barclay. Only then will the agreement fully commence with vehicles collected, inspected and remarketed to Aston Barclay’s ever growing buyer base.

“The time and effort Aston Barclay has invested in Venson to understand our exact requirements, down to every bespoke detail, long before our vehicles hit the auction floor, makes it an obvious choice when selecting a remarketing provider,” said one Aston Barclay fleet customer. “Its depth of expertise reassures us that our complex business needs can be met – and exceeded – providing a full end-to-end remarketing service.”

For more informtaion, telephone: 01245 450700, Email: info@astonbarclay.net or visit website : astonbarclay.net