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Case study from Jaama

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Move to Key2 brings cutting edge efficiency

Speedy upgraded to Jaama's software from spreesheets to improve its fleet management of vehicles and drivers

Regulatory compliance is essential for all fleet operators alongside efficient and cost effective fleet management which is why an ever increasing number of public and private sector fleets are introducing Jaama’s cutting-edge vehicle and driver management

Key2 is the UK’s most frequently recommended fleet software. Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of equipment and plant to the construction, infrastructure, industrial and related industries, introduced the technology in spring 2014 as a ‘front-end tool’ to manage vehicles and drivers.

Key2 replaced a software system that did not provide the flexibility, integration with other IT platforms across the company or ability for fleet suppliers to easily deliver critical vehicle-related information related to Speedy’s all-leased fleet of 800 vans and 250 trucks as well as 1,200 commercial vehicle drivers and 500 company cars, and their drivers.

Lycrecia Rea, project manager, transport and logistics, Speedy, says: “We now have all information in one location, which improves administration and enables fleet forecasting that in turn improves operational efficiencies and compliance.”

Speedy utilises many of the Key2 modules and is currently working on a number of projects that will see use of Key2 extended to include:

  • The collection and interpretation of data from in-vehicle telematics.
  • The collection and interpretation of truck tachograph data.
  • A link to car and van leasing and maintenance provider Lex Autolease to view all data in respect of all vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair, MOT and vehicle excise duty matters.
  • Introduction of Jaama’s recently launched eConsent driving licence validation solution that replaces a paper based mandate.

The Merseyside-headquartered company is a Freight Transport Association Van Excellence member and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) gold accredited business (both of which Jaama is an accredited member of). Rea says: “Compliance with all legislation and operating best practice is critical for Speedy.

“It is vital that we are able to demonstrate to our customers that the fleet is as safe and compliant as is possible. Key2 helps achieve that objective because all data is stored in one location, is easy to access and provides a detailed audit trail.”

Not only is compliance critical from a legislative perspective, but Rea highlights that it is also crucial in respect of corporate image and the company’s ongoing focus on cost reduction.

For example, in the past 12 months Speedy has cut its accident record – typically low speed manoeuvring – by more than 60% by using data to improve its incident investigation and better manage drivers.

Meanwhile, Jaama’s online electronic driver entitlement checking service, which seamlessly links with the DVLA’s database to validate individual’s driving licences, ensures vehicles are assigned to employees holding the correct driving qualifications.

Proactive notifications highlight when employees’ driver licence categories require renewal, while regular reports highlighting individuals’ licence points and any convictions for drink-driving or dangerous driving are scheduled as frequently as monthly to  omply with FORS accreditation and Speedy’s fleet insurance requirements. 

Implementation of Key2 has provided Speedy with the ability to easily record, collate, analyse and access data. The information is then used to, for example, better track vehicle maintenance provision and implement targeted driver training initiatives.

It is essential that all vehicles are rigorously maintained. Speedy uses this detailed information to help shape its vehicle defleet strategies, which deliver savings as a result of being able to dispose of vehicles prior to an imminent service or MOT requirement. As a result, the company is meeting its compliance obligations and also using information to tightly manage expenditure.

Critically, as a Microsoft Gold Development Partner, Jaama’s Key2 has been built for the Microsoft.NET framework enabling Speedy to integrate fleet information with its cross-company IT platform so the systems ‘talk’ to each other.

Legislative compliance is vital, and Speedy was named safe fleet of the year at the 2014 Fleet News Awards and 2014 Fleet Van (now Commercial Fleet) Awards, where it was also named van fleet of the year (business services), and it received that year’s fleet safety award at road safety charity Brake’s annual awards. Software integration means that updates by the company’s HR department, such as in relation to employees’ change of address, will automatically amend fleet data and, in that example, trigger driver licence amendments. Rea says: “Key2 has enabled the implementation of a single system to manage all fleet, driver and journey-related data, vital for ensuring compliance and efficient management of a fleet our size.

“The system enables bespoke reports to be scheduled, thereby delivering huge time savings with no requirement to search for information.

“Speedy’s aim is to operate at the forefront of fleet best practice and be as compliant as possible. Jaama’s Key2 system enables that target to be realised with fully auditable vehicle and driver records.”

Jaama managing director Martin Evans says: “Compliance is critical for all fleets and through investment in fleet software businesses can drive efficiency improvements and ensure their processes are robust from an audit perspective. 

“The technology also eases the burden of repetitive fleet administration tasks on employees.”

Case study: Perth and Kinross Council

Perth and Kinross Council was the first local authority in Scotland to introduce Jaama’s industry-leading Key2 asset management software and, seven years later, the technology remains at the heart of the fleet and mechanical equipment operation.

The Perth-based Council uses Key2 vehicle fleet management to manage 540 vehicles – 120 cars, 90 commercial vehicles subject to Operator Licence regulations and 330 sub 3.5-tonne commercial vehicles – and more than 1,000 pieces of plant and equipment. It also utilises the Key2 accident management module. Additionally, Key2 Workshop Management is deployed across the Council’s 14 different vehicle and asset operating centres giving control of the authority’s workshops and in depth
performance monitoring across all service, maintenance and repair work undertaken. Replacing an outdated software system that was supported by assorted spreadsheets, Key2 has delivered a wealth of administrative, compliance and reporting benefits to the extent that, says fleet manager Bill Morton: “We believe we have the best system available.” As a result, nearby local authorities Stirling Council and Falkirk Council followed the lead of Perth and Kinross and introduced Key2 to manage their fleet vehicles and other mechanical assets.

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