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Jaama's Key2 is a totally interrated fleet management solution

Regulatory compliance is essential for all fleets but the right solutions need to be in place to efficiently and effectively manage company and ‘grey fleet’ vehicles and drivers.

Jaama is the UK’s leading provider of fleet and asset management software and driver risk management services –and an ever-growing number of public and private sector organisations are turning to Jaama to provide world class internet-based fleet management solutions to help control and maintain their vehicles and meet their driver health and safety responsibilities under occupational road safety regulations.

Jaama’s market leading, multi-award winning Key2 software is a totally integrated vehicle, asset and driver management solution proven to help drive down operational costs, ensure legislative compliance, reduce risk and significantly improve operating efficiencies.

Key2 is fully scalable and is used by a complete spectrum of companies, from those with a handful of vehicles through to those with thousands of vehicles, assets and drivers.

From a compliance perspective, Key2 comprehensively covers vehicle, driver and journey management.

Key2 vehicle management

Core functionality includes intelligent event management and proactive notification and exception management so vehicles never miss scheduled maintenance or compliance related events, thus ensuring maximum compliance.

Information, including defect and vehicle inspection reports, can be used to shape vehicle defleet strategies which potentially delivers savings as fleets can dispose of vehicles prior to an imminent costly maintenance event, meeting compliance obligations and using information to tightly manage expenditure.

Key2 Risk Profile

This area provides the flexibility to configure driver risk definitions, which can be weighted by factors such as driver age, length licence has been held, road traffic accidents (cost, frequency, blameworthiness etc.) and business miles per annum.

The weighting points associated to each area can be accumulated to produce an individual total risk profile score according to an individual company’s risk criterion, enabling the implementation of specific actions to reduce a driver’s total risk profile. The score is stored against the driver record and intelligently linked to an associated licence checking frequency dependant on risk.

Key2 produces a consolidated view of not only driving history, including accidents and endorsements, but also incorporates data from the driver’s allocated vehicle in terms of mpg and maintenance costs against budget to provide essential meaningful information that will identify where action needs to be taken.

Driver licence checking

Jaama is an active member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV), established to promote and encourage best practice when driver licence checking.

Jaama’s ‘real time’ online licence checking service (Access to Driver Data, formally known as EDECS) seamlessly and securely links direct to the DVLA’s database to validate individual driving licences.

Functionality also includes eConsent, enabling an efficient and secure online driver licence checking authorisation. The comprehensive licence checking service ensures all driver and vehicle data is held in one central database, building an intelligent profile and highlighting exceptions.

ESOS reporting

The Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme requires companies to report on consumption data, including all company vehicles as well as privately-owned vehicles driven for work. Key2 is an essential tool for efficiently processing fuel and mileage data and compiling reports to show CO2 emissions and energy consumption for individual or groups of vehicles or the entire fleet for any specific period. Key2 differentiates between work and private journeys.


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